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As a former elite athlete, sports administrator, and events coordinator, I bring over 20 years of experience in the sports industry in my role as a keynote speaker and counsellor. With international level competition experience in swimming, representing Papua New Guinea at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Olympics and three Commonwealth Games, I understand the demands and pressures that athletes and high performers face in all careers.


I am also a regular guest host on ABC’s ‘That Pacific Sport Show,’ interviewing other inspiring athletes from the Pacific. 


My unique story includes overcoming challenges such as my mother’s hospitalisation due to schizophrenia while striving towards achieving my Olympic dreams. Born in PNG and growing up in Australia, I launched my own private counselling practice with a focus on helping athletes and high performers achieve their goals while also giving back to her community through motivational speaking. 


'Foreverlete' is all about discovering your own unique pathway to success and high performance.


My inspiring story reminds us all that success isn’t always easy, but it’s possible with perseverance and determination. My message empowers audiences to find their own unique pathway to success and high performance, ‘foreverlete,’ making for an engaging keynote speech for events and corporate functions.



I first heard Anna-Liza speak at the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce in celebration of International Women's Day and her keynote blew me away, it was an unforgettable experience.  She held the audience captived with her story, and challenged us to redefine our perceptions of strength and vulnerability. 


Anna-Liza connected with the audience, from moments of insights that brought tears to our eyes to uplifting words that had the audience laughing in shared understanding!  She has an authentic approach, she doesn't just speak but engages, provokes thought and inspires change. 


I wholeheartedly recommend her as a keynote speaker for any organisation looking to challenge its views on what strength looks like, she's an Olympian, she knows this all too well!  Her presentation was a powerful call to action, and I would easily pay again to attend an event she is speaking at.

Emmagness Ruzvidzo

Co-Founder & Director

VAKA Consulting

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