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My individual and group counselling services aim to help clients deal with the expectations and pressures of the different stages of their professional career, including but not limited to.

  • Navigating school and career options as an elite athlete
  • Tackling negative self talk
  • Conquering performance anxiety
  • Managing anger outbursts in competitions 
  • Overcoming injury and rehabilitation
  • Life after sport - discussing retirement and other career options

My Approach

I genuinely believe in the power of listening to my clients' stories and delving into their motivations behind their performance. Each person possesses a unique combination of strengths that they utilise in their sport or career. My role is to empower clients to recognise and understand their own set of strengths and transfer those skills to other aspects of their lives where they may be facing difficulties.

Are negative self-talk and anxiety plaguing your mind right before a crucial game or race? Such challenges are both stressful and common among athletes striving for high performance. These issues often manifest as anger outbursts, diminished self-confidence, and unrealistic expectations of perfection, ultimately leading to decreased performance in your sport.

My approach to counselling is person-centred. Together, we will uncover the underlying motivations driving your athletic performance. By deciphering your individual strengths, I aim to empower you to feel confident and in control not only in your chosen sport but also in other areas of your life.

Throughout our journey together, my primary responsibility is to provide empathetic and attentive listening. By doing so, we can unlock your own unique pathway to success and high performance, ensuring that we prioritise your overall mental health, well-being, and performance.

I am excited to embark on this transformative journey with you. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards realising your full potential.


My Approach

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What you can expect when booking a counselling appointment.

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I acknowledge the Jagera people and the Turrbal people as the Traditional Custodians of Meanjin, the land on which I live and work. I pay my respects to Jagera and Turrbal Elders past, present and emerging.

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